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Antiguas cuñas de fierro encontradas por debajo de las raíces de un árbol

Verano 2014

Resultado de varias salidas verano 2014

Bala de Mosquete

Mi joyita preferida

Detectada por mi Ground Efx MX200


Discover the oldest and deepest coins, rings, jewelry and relics with the Bounty Hunter Platinum Pro with 11” DD search coil.

This is one lightweight, fully featured machine that lets you do it all! Now you can hunt for hours at the beach, parks, schoolyards or in the woods.

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Tesoro Compadre Metal Detector Was designed with the idea that less is more. It works great for coin hunting, competition hunting and relic hunting, but it does it without any excess knobs. The Tesoro Compadre metal detector has it all. For more information click on this link www.metaldetector… #Tesoro #Compadre #Metaldetector #Metaldetecting #Treasure #Outdoors #Adventure #Hobby


Fisher F75 Special Limited Edition

This Metal Detector is one of the latest top end metal detectors from Fisher, the oldest name in metal detection. Compare this model to any of the top of the line detectors and we are confident that you will be pleasantly surprised.

The advanced features, excellent depth and ease of use make the F75 a great choice for hunting for coins, relics and gold nuggets.

The F75 Special Limited Edition comes in a sleek black finish and includes a Depth Boost feature and a special Cache Process mode. Each unit ships with both the 5” and 11” DD Search Coils. This model is available while supplies last.

Full details on the Fisher F75 Special Limited Edition metal Detector:

Visitamos una antigua y abandonada mina de oro.
Una experiencia genial.
5 amigos de aventura

Bounty Hunter Platinum en versión estándar y versión Pro.
A prueba en parque local


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